A note from the project directors

Welcome to Metrics for Healthy Communities 2.0! The upgraded version of this site features new logic models, data sources, and links to the research evidence base.

Wilder Research of St. Paul, MN (www.wilderresearch.org) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (www.minneapolisfed.org) created this site to provide measures, data sources, and logic models for community development and health organizations working together to address social determinants of health and improve community health and well-being.

In designing the site, we adopted a logic model framework. While not every user interested in metrics will use a logic model, logic model concepts and vocabulary enable practitioners to differentiate: the ingredients that go into their work (inputs); what they do (activities); how much they do (outputs); and what difference their work makes, or will make (outcomes). The logic models on the site contain examples of inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes that relate to community health improvement initiatives. We developed them as menus for community development and health practitioners to use in order to select elements that apply to their own efforts.

We searched for open access data from objective, unbiased sources for each of the outcome measures in the logic models. Such data exist for some outcomes, but do not exist for others. The site provides links to existing data sources when available. The site also offers examples of research evidence that exist for common activities related to community health improvement. These examples will assist you to make a quick, initial assessment concerning the evidence-based impacts of activities under your consideration, and/or they can provide a starting point for an in-depth literature review that you might want to undertake.

Wilder Research maintains this site. As new data sources and measures become available, we will update the site.

We wish you the best in your efforts to build a culture of health!

Ela J. Rausch, Ph.D.
Project Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Paul W. Mattessich, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Wilder Research

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